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Two Cents
We have been using Crucial Software's CS LIBRIS scheduling software since January of 2000, we certainly hope to continue our relationship for a long time to come. It is easy to use and has great visuals.
University of Oregon
Two Cents

Release Notes:

Changes in
• Add option to allow files to be attached to a booking (note files are not stored in the database just a link to their location)
• Add option to position the chart on startup either at the same position on last exit or with "Main" visible at the top
• Add new system setting "Extra Email Addresses (BCC)" to be used for all confirmation emails (similar to existing "Extra Email Address" setting but using BCC
• Add new report types to allow custom exports and screen enquiries
• Improve the layout of the view simple booking form
• Correct problem with the default booking form selected in the System Setting not being opened correctly when creating a new booking
• BILLING MODULE: Add option to payments to allow a refund
• BILLING MODULE: Add option to payments to allow emailing a receipt
• BILLING MODULE: Corrected an issue when selecting the invoice address
• BILLING MODULE: Improve search for paid/unpaid invoices

Changes in
• New feature - addition of an analytics function (can be turned on with a new System Setting)
• Add extra columns to booking search results for customer email address and customer mobile number
• Add Cancel button when adding services with additional information to a booking
• Add capability to use SMTP services (such as Hotmail or Gmail) to send emails directly
• Add capability to attach files to a booking (note the files are not stored in the database just the name and location of the file, so if you have multiple computers running Libris these files must be on a shared server) - turned on with a new System Setting
• Correction of an error when saving a maintenance booking
• BILLING MODULE: Add option to email invoices -
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Correction of an error in the booking wizard service booking validation
• Various minor optimisations and bug fixes -
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Correction of an error when adding multiple dates with the "No Booking Times" system setting set
• Correction of various errors with minimum booking lengths
• Correction of an occasional error when creating a new folder
• Correction of an error when creating a new user group when using European decimal point -
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Improved handling of locks while saving bookings to prevent deadlock situations and to stop locks being held open in the event of a computer failure
• Changed error messages when a lock by another user is encountered to be more meaningful
• Corrected a problem where facilities within another facility were not being stored correctly
• WEB VIEWER: Added a number of new system settings to allow much more control over what appears in the Web Viewer
• BILLING: Corrected an error where pricing on a service was losing the setting of "Per Unit" when editing the service -
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Correct problem with dual screens when using the drop down calendar on the main booking chart
• BILLING: Add system setting to allow tax rate to be picked up from top level folder

Changes in
• Extend the Email field on a facility to be 250 characters maximum
• Change facility entry to put a limit on the length of the email field to match the database
• Correct a problem on facility entry where occasionally the facility would erroneously be moved to a different folder
• Correct a problem on the main screen where occasionally the resources & services folders would open automatically when a facility is edited
• New System Settings added for new version of Web Viewer Module -
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• BILLING: Fixed Invoice Type deletion to clear pricing for the deleted type
• BILLING: On Invoice Search pick all invoices where any part of the booking falls within the booking start and end dates (was just picking up booking where the whole booking was within the period)
• BILLING: Fix an error when manually adjusting a line price to 0
• BILLING: Fix an error on generating an invoice where the client has no address -
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Check that all new facilities have a facility type and produce an error message
• Added buttons on the Reports window to allow quick access to Acrobat file export and Excel file export (these and more file export options are available from the Printer selection window when using the Print button)
• Added a new column to the Booking Search results to show the Number of Hours of a booking
• Added totals at the bottom of the Booking Search results for Number of People and Number of Hours (and Invoice Total with Billing Module)
• Added a count of bookings and totals, as above, to the group heading on the Booking Search results (when you drag a column heading into the box at the top)
• Corrected the restoring of open folders on the main booking chart on startup

Changes in
• New System Settings to allow setup and teardown times to be removed from the booking forms
• Added an email address to each facility and allow confirmation email to be sent to this address
• Corrected a fault caused by using a non-standard date format in Windows
• Corrected some minor problems with security in Windows 7 (users would occasionally still be showing as logged in to Libris when they weren't)
• Fixed a layout problem on the booking view window when Windows is set up with large fonts
• When using the calendar popup on a date entry field if you click on the year the list of years that pops up was only going up to 2009, this has now been extended to 2029
• Correct fault when trying to email reports when using MAPI email with certain email clients
• New System Settings to allow reports to be email as attachments instead of in the email message text
• New Booking Chart layout options for Libris Hall Version (Community Version) with facilities across the top and date/time on the left
• General optimisation of the booking chart performance
• Corrected problem with reports sometimes not picking up the client contact on bookings -
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• New System Setting to allow confirmation emails to be sent directly through an email server via SMTP instead of by using MAPI calls to a local email client program
• New System Setting to determine whether resource bookings should account for setup and teardown times or not
• New System Setting to allow weekends to be hidden from the booking chart
• Speed up start up of the program
• A number of minor cosmetic improvements and corrections (such as spelling mistakes)
• BILLING: Change the invoice generate form to ask for an address and contact when a client has multiple addresses and/or multiple contacts -
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Corrected an issue where the help button failed to function -
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Corrected an issue where facility availability was not correctly being picked up

Changes in
• New option to add a client contact directly on booking form (turned on through a system setting)
• Enhanced the availability entry on a faciliy with availability by date and time to allow setting up availability for more than one week at a time
• Changed users screen to keep selection position when deleting a user
• Changed users screen to allow the user list to be filtered (e.g. to only include users who have not been deleted)
• New system setting to allow rooms to be hidden from specified user groups
• New system setting to hide resources and services completely

Changes in
• Fix error where user clicks twice on Save button on the Complex Booking within 1 second where booking would be saved twice.
• BILLING: Add drop downs to select contact and address for invoice. -
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Changed to allow Setup and Teardown to be given colours other than the default green and red (new booking types visible in the System Setup)
• Fixed an error in generating confirmations on a small number of computers. -
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Fixed a problem with times on continuous simple bookings when changing the facility
• BILLING: Added capability to show payment total on printed invoice -
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• New system setting to allow Client name to be hidden on the Web Viewer

Changes in
• Fixed a problem with with positioning on some reports
• Added new System Setting to allow bookings to be made without any times being entered (to allow for all bookings to be for whole days)
• Put in checks to ensure a user can never make the facility tree invisible without being able to get it back
• BILLING: Added new System Setting to force invoices to always be generated with a booking and regenerated when editing a booking

Changes in
• BILLING: Corrections to room pricing when set up as price is per day
• Changed to force Simple MAPI to use Plain Text emails
• Added automatic installing of the DLL necessary to use the Outlook direct email option
• Corrected a fault in the About box -
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Changed to save the main contact against a booking when the "Client Contact" system setting is switched off (to ensure the booking confirmation by email picks up the client's email address)
• New System Setting to help with some problems with certain versions of GroupWise client
• New System Settings to allow sending of email confirmation with booking confirmation in a PDF attachment
• New System Settings to use Outlook directly instead of via MAPI and an extra option to stop any MAPI problems from producing errors during the booking save process
• New System Setting for Web Viewer to allow setup of a refresh time for the chart on the Web Viewer (requires Web Viewer version
• On the simple booking form with multiple dates, when the date and/or times are updated on the top part of the form and the Save button is pressed without pressing the Replace button ensure that the changes are recognised
• New System Setting to use a simplified startup screen without photos
• Changed the delete process to ensure there cannot be a partial delete if an error part way through the process
• Allowed the user to select the Default Booking Type in System Setup -
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Added a system setting for the Web Viewer

Changes in
• Corrected a System Error in general booking list reports -
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Corrected an occasional System Error on the booking chart

Changes in
• In System Settings allow for users making fields that are not on the Booking Form mandatory (i.e. stop error messages on booking in relation to fields that are not available)
• Fixed sequence of fields when using the Tab key on the first page of the Booking Wizard
• Corrected a problem with client and matter numbers not matching to the name on the Booking Wizard
• Made some speed improvements to the loading of the main booking chart
• Corrected a problem with the drop down list of facilities on the search screen disappearing after a short space of time
• BILLING: Corrected the booking search results where the "invoice amount" kept reappearing after it had been removed using the customise option
• BILLING: Added a new System Setting to allow selection of the way the "invoice amount" on the booking search is calculated
• Added a new System Setting to allow the (optional) drop down list of booking descriptions to be limited to only the most recent descriptions -
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Corrected a system error on the Confirmations

Changes in
• Corrected an occasional System Error when refreshing the main booking chart
• Add mobile/cell phone number to client details
• BILLING: Corrected a problem with Complex Bookings multiplying the number of days when a service is charged on a daily rate
• Corrected a problem that caused the layout to revert to the default when editing a simple booking and the booking has multiple dates -
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Corrected a problem that stopped the automatic updating of the main booking chart under some circumstances
• Added a number of new system settings to allow more control over what appears on a booking confirmation
• Corrected an "invalid pointer" error on closing the booking form
• Changed the Client entry to only store the title of the contact only when a contact name has been entered
• Changed the default positioning of some windows to allow for systems with 2 or more monitors
• Internal Build*

Changes in
• Corrected format of default teardown time on facility layout details, and make sure list of layouts updates straight after editing a layout
• Corrected a system error when viewing booking conflicts in the Booking Wizard
• Corrected some spellings (mainly of the word maintenance)
• Added a system setting to control whether the booking description is shown starting in the setup section of a booking on the booking chart or just in the main body of the booking
• Added new system setting "Force email confirmation for Service Requests", which allows for emails always being sent to Service Manager when a service is booked (different email addresses are allowed for each service type)
• Recognise MAPI login errors and just turn off email options instead of producing a System Error
• Internal Build*

Changes in
• BILLING: Improved the layout of the default printed invoice and added an A4 alternative for non-US users
• BILLING: Corrected the stored no of hours on an invoice when pricing is by hour (was store whole numbers only)
• Ensured that all windows (including new facility, resource, service and feature type windows) are positioned correctly when using Windows XP with multiple monitors - 121
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Put in some checking to allow for network connections dropping out and Libris to continue functioning after the connection being re-established
• Added a Preview Confirmation option to the Booking view screens to allow the Confirmation print to be viewed on screen
• Corrected a problem with the confirmation where occasionally the facility name was missing
• Added some system settings for use in sorting out problems with MAPI email programmes - 118
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Corrected an occasional problem with the facility name missing from confirmations

Changes in
• Corrected a problem with the form heading on delete, edit and view user details forms
• Corrected the buttons on the delete user form
• Corrected a problem with new report folders disappearing
• New system setting to determine the shade of the highlighted row on the booking chart
• Where a computer has more than one MAPI profile a window comes up to ask the user which profile to use
• Improved support for GroupWise for email confirmations.
• Improved email reports as text option.
• Corrected a problem with chart printing, where the chart begins at 7am and any booking that begins at 7am was missing.
• BILLING: Put in a warning message when editing an invoice and the default tax rate has changed when the tax rate is fixed.
• Changed to ensure the correct row is highlighted on the booking chart when selecting a booking on the chart. - 114
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Put an error message on the maintenance booking when trying to book a resource when there is already a booking in the specified period.
• Corrected the wrong line being highlighted when clicking in the bottom half of a line on the chart when Windows display settings are set to Large Fonts (120DPI)
• Allow notes to be included on the popup window on the main screen
• Paper Size for Confirmations was sometimes defaulting to A4 (European default) instead of Letter (US default)
• Enable Web Viewer settings to be changed on Trial Version
• Fixed a problem on the booking chart where a single booking has a room booked for 2 time slots immediately after each other, the first booking would not show on the chart
• Fixed a problem with editing a simple booking with multiples dates and times where the setup and teardown times were all being set to the same value for each time slot

Changes in
• Changed the booking log to record deleting one date of a multiple date booking as a change rather than a delete
• Corrected the Teardown field in the booking search results to show the right value
• BILLING: Changed the invoice amount column in the booking search to include charges for resources and services related to a facility booking
• Allowed users with Read Only access to customise the columns in the booking search results, previously this was limited to user with Standard access or above
• Changed the sequence of events when deleting a booking and sending a cancellation email, so that the deletion will take place before sending the email to ensure that the booking will be deleted even if there is a problem with the email
• Added an option on the booking delete confirmation screen, so that the user can choose whether to send a cancellation email or not

Changes in
• Fixed a problem on some forms where the buttons on the toolbars at the top were losing their icons
• Added an image to notes pages on booking forms, facility details and client details to show whether page has any notes
• Added setup and teardown time columns to booking search results
• BILLING: Corrected a problem with the invoice amount on the Booking Search where the wrong amount was coming up for facilities whose pricing is set up as "per booking" instead "per day" or "per hour"
• Ensured that users who are left logged in for various reasons, such as when connection is lost to the server, are automatically logged out
• Added new system settings to give more control over the subject of email confirmations (make booking number optional, the prefixes are optional and allow an new prefix when sending emails from viewing a booking)
• Fixed a problem with holidays getting stuck and not be able to be deleted - 107
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Fixed a system error on starting the booking form for Lawyer system

Changes in
• Fixed the booking type create and edit page to save the settings for the Publish field (for the Web Viewer)
• Fixed a problem that prevented resources and services from being booked on the Simple Booking form
• Fixed the buttons on the Attendees entry pages on all booking form to be disabled when there are no attendees
• BILLING: Fixed the new invoice total on Booking Search to pick up the currency symbol correctly when the currency is not dollars
• Internal Build*

Changes in
• Fixed a number of problems with the user groups when setting users up as booking managers for selected folders
• Fixed some problems with mandatory fields not being editable on setting up new users
• Fixed a problem with notes on some bookings gaining extra blank lines
• Speeded up the loading of the complex booking dates selection screen
• BILLING: Added invoice amount to the Booking Search results - 100
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• When a facility that contains other facilities then the booking now spreads over all the lines on the main screen booking chart
• Added options to control pop up window details
• Fixed a problem with the booking chart print and the booking list print when saving print settings when the Program Files cannot be written to
• Made the Facility list default to the top on the Booking Search
• Added a new option to choose whether new clients default to being companies or individuals
• Fixed a problem that left a user recorded as logged in even after closing Libris
• BILLING: Fixed a problem with the invoice amount on the Booking List reports not necessarily being right
• Added a Beta version of the Visitors module - 96
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Corrected security on Holiday maintenance
• Renamed the headings for "System Settings" on the Tools menu and in the "System Settings" screen itself, to prevent confusion
• Tidied up menus on the booking details view windows
• Added a new option to the booking details view windows to allow viewing of the history of changes to a booking (shows who made a change and when)
• BILLING: Allowed the invoice total and the amount per facility to be picked up in booking list reports

Changes in
• Added a new System Setting to allow the maximum capacity of facility to be exceeded with a warning on saving the booking.

Changes in
• Corrected a problem where changing a facility would reset the details of all service bookings to 1 item booked, no notes and the same times as the booking. Fixed on both Simple & Complex Booking
• Optimised the resource and service bookings in the Booking Wizard and corrected a problem with removing facilities from a booking where the resource and service bookings associated with that facility were left stranded.

Changes in
• Corrected a System Error when entering a new client

Changes in
• Stopped a system error from appearing when sending an email from within Libris and leaving the email on the screen for more than a minute
• Added a new system option "Default Blank Client" which, when enabled, makes the Client box on new bookings (all variations) contain nothing, Libris then checks on saving that either the "No Client" option has been selected (if visible) or a Client has been selected in the Client box

Changes in
• Fixed the Warn Only on Exceeding Maximum Days system that was not being picked up
• Fixed the Replace button on date lists to work correctly
• Fixed an occasional System Error that occured in Complex Bookings when the Facility was booked for more than one day in a continuous sub-booking

Changes in
• Added Client Number & user numbers columns to results of booking search (you may need to use the "Customise" option to make these appear)
• BILLING: Added Client Number, Matter Number, Matter Name, Booking Start & End Dates, Booked For and Booked By columns to results of invoice search
• Corrected New User entry form to set the User Group to default correctly particularly when automatically creating a user on logging in for the first time
• Corrected Booking Wizard to pick up the default User Group if a user does not have a group selected (this caused a System Error)

Changes in
• Corrected an occasional problem where the booking details were duplicated after editing a booking, due to the previous version being retained on a Simple Booking with a single date and time

Changes in
• Added a new system setting to allow the user to select to show the client number in the popup boxes on the booking forms instead of the name
• Added a new system setting option to reverse the sequence of matter numbers (in the Legal System)
• Stopped an occasional "Access Violation" System Error when editing a Complex Booking
• Stopped an occasional "Access Violation" System Error when Libris is not doing anything on a Windows NT 4 computer

Changes in
• Added a new option to specifiy minimum and maximum booking lengths for each booking type and pick these up on the booking forms (an example of a use for this is when you want to have a number of fixed lengths of bookings, set up a booking type for each length and then set the min and max lengths to the length required)
• Corrected a problem where no resources and services where shown when editing a booking with a historical start date for anyone other than an administrator
• BILLING: Added a new option to relate a default invoice type to each booking type to
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Corrected a problem in the date selection wizard where if you did not change the start time the dates add to the list were completely wrong
• Corrected a problem with the checking of the start time on the date selection wizard where the end time would sometimes be adjusted incorrectly

Changes in
• Made the replace button always available when editing a list of dates on Booking Forms
• Check the dates and times in the editing portion of the window against the selected line in the list of dates when clicking OK and asking if the row should be updated (this stops the problem of someone unfamiliar with the system changing the date or time but not clicking on Replace or Add)
• Corrected a problem with bookings for Resources not being allowed to start at exactly the same time as another booking ends (and vice versa)
• Moved the validation of the start and end times to be done when moving out of the time box rather than every time the time changes (this stops the end time automatically changing while you are editing the start time and vice versa)
• Added a new System Setting in the Other Details section to allow the Reminder Email option to be removed completely (so that it does not get used incorrectly)
• Put more warnings in the reminder email function and allow it to be cancelled part way through
• Integrated a new version of the System Error subsystem to allow new options (see below) and fix a number of problems with the email error report option
• Added a new System Setting in the Other Details section to allow the selection of the method by which Libris should send the email of an error report (or turn of the email option)
• Fixed an Access Violation error when cancelling some reports

Changes in
• BILLING: Fixed an error when printing or previewing the invoice
• BILLING: Fixed the invoice for complex bookings to better distinguish between different elements of the booking

Changes in
• BILLING: Corrected an occasional "primary key" error when saving an edited invoice.
• Fixed the system settings to stop losing the Earliest and Latest Booking Times if they are set to midnight and to prevent an error in the Web Viewer.
• Remove the list of available features from the facility view.
• Fixed a problem where the Edit and Remove buttons on the attendees pages of the booking forms were not available when editing a booking with attendees on
• Internal Build*

Changes in
• BILLING: Corrected a problem with tax rates with more than 2 decimal places (now allows up to 5)
• BILLING: Corrected layout of invoice to not overlap heading for Matter with the matter itself, and changed to allow for custom invoice layouts to be loaded.
• BILLING: Allowed invoices to be printed to a file.

Changes in
• Corrected an occasional problem where the facilities on the main screen were not being sorted into alphabetical order
• Made the matter details available for the confirmation (legal version only) - note this requires an alternate layout template for the confirmation, contact support if you need this layout

Changes in
• Fixed a problem with creating a booking by dragging the cursor on the booking chart when the booking needed to finish at the same time as the next booking starts
• Speeded up the start up time of Libris
• Stopped the heading in the Chart Printing from duplicating
• BILLING: Fixed a problem with the totals not being calculated under certain circumstances to
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Allow for access rights not allowing Help file to be saved or opened (this caused an error on some systems)
• BILLING: Fixed an access violation problem when facilities are priced by the hour

Changes in
• BILLING: Fixed a problem with some services not picking up the number that have been booked
• Changed Simple Booking form to show resources and services when they are not available due to lead time but with the tick box unavailable and then update when the time of the booking is changed (this was causing the resources and services to be missing for some people)
• Changed the Simple Booking form to keep bookings of services and resources when editing a booking and the time of the booking now falls within the required lead time

Changes in
• Changed Reports list to be sorted by name, also allow administrator to change the name of a report and its description
• Fixed an occasional problem on the Holidays when switching to a month with less than 31 days
• Added the ability to maintain a mailing list of selected clients (a new tick box on the client entry) and to search for all the clients on the mailing list
• Added the ability to search for bookings (and on reports) for just internal clients or just external clients
• Added a command line option to allow Libris to be run without the auto-updating feature (edit the shortcut and put " -n" at the end of the target - recommended for Terminal Server or Citrix installations or where the Libris EXE program is stored on the server)
• Fixed an occasional error when unselecting a resource in a complex booking
• Changed the simple booking to show more details of conflicting bookings when a facility is not available
• Added Help text throughout to
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Fixed a system error on going into System Settings
• Changed the way start and end dates are compared against each other when being entered on booking forms
• Fixed a problem when end date is not shown on booking forms (system setting "Hide End Date On Continuous Bookings")
• Added Forename as a parameter on the client search
• Added more details to the brief booking information that pops up on the main booking chart
• Added more columns to be available to add to the client list (e.g. the breakdown of address and contact name for use when exported for a mail merge)
• Internal Build*

Changes in
• Extended Housekeeping to include removal of deleted resources and services
• Changed to the reminder emails option to pick up whichever report template has the word "Reminder" in before picking the Basic Booking List
• Added System Settings to allow confirmation and report emails to be forced to be in Plain Text (new templates required)
• Changed report previews to be full screen and zoomed to 100%
• Tidied up the handling of services when no number is required
• Fixed an occasional system error when the system has no resources or services when running the booking search
• BILLING: Allow tax rate to have more than 2 decimal places
• Internal Build*

Changes in
• Fixed an access violation when deleting a facility that has historic bookings on it
• Added 2 new system settings to allow Resources and Services on the main screen to grouped into types
• Fixed a problem with booking search and reports on resources or services when selecting a folder and a resource or service type (the type was being ignored)
• Fixed a problem when editing a facility within another facility, the contained facility was being moved into the folder the contained the containing facility
• Fixed a problem where the User Group was not showing in the list of Users on the Users screen
• Added the ability to right click on a booking on the chart in the resources and services areas
• Fixed an error "The MessageStoreName property is empty and there is no default messagestore" when trying to email a report
• BILLING: Fixed a problem where the number of people for a service was not being picked up from the facility when the pricing type had been set as "per person" for that service
• Added a new facility for supervisors to clear out historical bookings and purge deleted facilities, resources and services that have no bookings

Changes in
• When changing a booking time, bookings of services that are supposed have the same time were not being changed automatically
• Service folders were being left behind (until next time Libris was started) when all the services in them were deleted, then if the folder was manually deleted the folder containing it was deleted making all the facilities and resources in that folder disappear (The same with Resource folders)
• Fixed a problem where sometimes the teardown was not being shown on the booking chart
• Changed booking views to show date of booking, date of last change and the user who made the last change, by holding the mouse over the "Booked By" box
• Fixed a problem where resources were not visible in booking forms when "No Client" was selected
• Added buttons to simple and complex booking forms to allow resources and services to be removed and service details to be edited

Changes in
• Changed to correct an occasional system error when putting in licence keys on some systems
• Changed to force case insensitivity when checking which user is logging in
• Changed to allow a new user to be added if their user ID has already been used but marked as inactive
• Changed to stop an occasional error when the number of people on a simple booking is blank
• Fix occasional error in Billing module when changing the price of a service to 0
• New Chart Print function
• Fixed the booking forms to select No Client when editing a booking and there is no client
• New system setting to allow the Client Contact to be removed from the booking form
• Fixed some problems with the service bookings details on a complex not being correct when editing the booking to
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Stop a user from being deleted if there are bookings on record that they have made or had made on their behalf (they are marked as inactive to stop them logging in to Libris)
• Fixed a system error when attempting to delete a service or resource that has historic bookings
• Changed Complex Booking to move highlight to the line below after deleting a line instead of the line above
• Billing change: put on "per unit" pricing for Services
• New supervisor option to clear a user's password
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• New Invoice Search (billing module only)
• Corrected reports: no of people was not always being picked up
• Invoice generation now shows more breakdown information on each line (for each facility, resource or service)
• Fixed Simple Booking: no of a service required was not always being picked up on editing
• Changed default confirmation layout to include room booking notes for complex bookings
• Changed booking search and reports to include maintenance bookings
• Stop some occasional application errors from occurring when clicking buttons in the booking search results list
• Corrected a problem with long (multiple day) continuous bookings not always appearing on the chart on the main screen

Changes in
• Allow a report's name and description to be changed
• Changed buttons on Default Availability entry in the System Settings
• Added a new option to all booking forms to allow bookings to made multiple weeks apart (e.g. you can now make a booking every 2 or more weeks)
• Fixed the invoice generate on the simple booking to occur before showing the booking details view window (Billing Module only)
• Fixed an occasional error "A component name dmConfirmation already exists" when sending an Email Confirmation
• Corrected an error "Violation of PRIMARY KEY constraint 'PK_ITEMBOOKINGS'." when creating a complex with a service booked in 2 facilities at the same time, both service bookings being in the same booking.
• Corrected occasional "Access Violation" error message on exiting Libris on a Windows 98 computer.
• Changed start and end times to keep the minimum booking length betweeen them as they are being adjusted where relevant.
• Changed lead time checking to NOT remove services that are not available (even when lead time is 0). This was causing a problem that on starting a booking sometimes no services would appear.
• Changed checking of setup and teardown times to stop confused start and end times (on Win98 this may have been causing a hang)
• Changed Booked For (On Behalf Of) drop down on Simple Booking form to show User Name rather than User Identity (like the other booking forms)
• Many changes to Billing Module: Show more detail on each line in the invoice entry & view, and added extra options to determine what is enterable and/or editable on the invoice entry.
• Fixed a problem with long maintenance bookings and/or long continuous bookings making the booking reports longer than they should be
• Fixed a problem in the monthly calendar with the wrong Month appearing at the top (needs new report template from the web site) -
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Put a limit on the length of booking fields (description and references) on the booking entry screens to prevent an error on saving to the database
• Corrected Simple Booking to allow Booking Managers to enter and edit historic bookings
• Added the ability to produce a weekly or monthly calendar report (see the web site to download new reports)
• Added the ability to include Holiday names on reports (requires new report templates, available from the web site)
• Fixed a problem with the number of a service required not appearing on Service Reports
• Fixed a problem that produced a System Error when running a resource or service report
• Improved the tracking of Standard licences to prevent a user only gaining Read-Only access when a standard licence is available
• Extended Client Reference, Our Reference & Booking Description to 200 characters
• Fixed a problem with the text only email booking confirmation template
• Allowed a user's identity to be changed if that user has never logged in to Libris or if the identity is blank
• Fixed a problem where sometimes the last date of a multiple booking would go missing when editing it in the simple booking
• Changed the edit of a simple booking to show the date list in date order when there is more than one date
• Fixed to stop a spurious error message appearing when editing a simple booking with multiple days
• Warn the user if no dates have been selected on the simple booking form, instead of producing an application error
• Make the booking search results form update immediately when making or changing a booking
• Added columns for Start and End Day of the Week to booking search results
• Changed the booking view to show the user's name instead of their login identity
• Changed drop down lists for "Booked By" and "On Behalf Of" on booking form to be sequenced by name -
• Internal Builds*

Changes in
• Removed edit booking options from booking view screens when a user has read-only access
• Corrected an occasional error "cannot write to file Libris List" on closing the booking search results window
• Corrected a problem selecting view booking from booking search results window opened the view for a simple booking on booking wizard bookings - now correctly opens the complex view
• Booking Confirmation (both printed and email) were sometimes missing some facility names on booking wizard bookings
• Added an extra column in the booking search results to show the facility a service or resource is required in

Changes in
• Added Copy Booking function
• Stopped email addresses being duplicated on a single confirmation
• Stopped an "Access Violation" error from occurring on going in to the User Groups
• Allowed more than one Complex Booking form to be open at any one time
• Added a System Setting to allow the Subject line of an email confirmation to be changed
• Allowed 200 characters for System Settings (e.g. Email Subject & Extra Email Addresses)
• Added a message reporting that confirmation is being generated to allow for delay in loading up Email
• Adjusted default confirmation layout to add Booking Type (Contact Crucial Software to find out about alternate confirmation layouts)
• Removed duplicate client name from confirmation when client is an "Individual"
• Confirmation now picks up changed terms (e.g. if you have requested the term "Our Reference" be replaced with "File Number")
• Changed booking list (booking search results) to allow more of the notes to be visible (limit comes from a new system setting), and can now be more than 1 line long to show everything up to the limit
• Changed client search to search all contacts when entering surname rather just the main contact
• Fixed a problem with booking and client search when using any name or description with an apostrophe in
• Added telephone number to the client list
• Fixed a problem with the complex booking that did not allow a resource to be moved from one facility to another on the same day (within the same booking)
• Changed the complex booking to keep the "tree" of bookings to remain fulling expanded after editing one element of the booking
• Added option on booking wizard to view conflicting bookings that make a facility unavailable (if the check box next to the facility is grey, selecting that facility makes a button appear above the list of facilities "View Conflicts")

Changes in
• Tidy up Matter Number handling in Law Firm version
• Fixed a bug on the "Default Availability" when the separator between parts of a date is not "/"
• On displaying or editing a session of availabilty from "Default Availabilty" or on a facility put on the day or date of that session
• Added Lawyer Number to Users for the Law Firm version
• Corrected a problem on User Groups setup that caused an Access Violation error when trying to open the window a second time
• Fixed an access violation on editing a Facility that has its own schedule of availability
• Changed "On Behalf Of" to list user names instead of logon user identities
• Fixed intermittent problem where the menu on right-clicking a booking would be disabled
• Optimised loading of contacts on booking form
• Changed date period on booking search to move end date when start date is set to be later than the end date (and vice versa)
• Changed the double clicking on the booking chart to create a booking starting at the nearest 1/4 hour instead of the nearest hour
• Fixed Feature Types in the Settings to allow a feature to be deleted
• Changed term replacement process to capitalise properly after a "/"
• Changed User list to show which Group each user is in
• Internal Builds*

*NOTE: Internal Builds are used when making customizations for clients, and for testing within Crucial Software.

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